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Post by Yekaterina on Fri Aug 21, 2015 6:43 pm

Post Etiquette

RP posts are to be written in third person.

Incorrect: My breath formed a vapour before my face.
Correct: His breath formed a vapour before his face.


Please choose one colour to highlight your speech and make sure you keep it a regular. It allows readers to find the text faster if needing to retaliate in their own post. Make sure the Speech is a more vibrant colour than that of the actual colour of the text.

"Captain, summon the group to the camp" he muttered in a hushed tone.

Post Punctuation

When possible, avoid posts that are one or two sentences long.  If you honestly can't think of anything to post, then it is acceptable, but this will not be acceptable on a regular basis.  Be creative, describe what your character is thinking or feeling, make mention of the actions and surroundings around your character.

To avoid confusion, we use a standard set of symbols to indicate certain actions.  These are to be used, be it RP or story, no exceptions.

Quotations ("...") are to be used to indicate speech; ex. "Hello," he said.
Apostrophes ('...') are to be used to indicate thoughts;

'what if they get the wrong idea' he thought.
"I mean't no wrong my Lord" his words laced with thick antiquity

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