The sun has risen for this momentous season, remaining in the skies. The Prey is returning to the lands of Orrosta with haste, their spring grazing taken over by the cries of young calves and kits.

The Story of Dawn

In this land of turmoil and disruption, only those willing to go to the furthest reaches of the elements themselves will succeed in their quest for the justice or destruction within this realm of Orrosta.

A great depression has swept through the land, leaving those behind bearing tears of conflict, wounded by the grief that has struck so many down in the past event during this, so called, worthless existence.

Hurricanes, Tsunamis, Earthquakes and out bursts of wild fires; the chaos of the elements has been released and within great unbalance. It drains the society we call home and devastates the souls within the no-longer innocent minds. Shadows have overcome the once positive auras surrounding the civilians and those shadows need banishing… or replenishing with darker shades.

It is up to you to bring justice to the land of Orrosta, renewing the light that was sucked from the eyes of the living. They are now hollow within and need a saviour. Relieve their forsaken minds with the story of dawn.

Darkness may have consumed the skies, devastating the lives of those who live. But to have dawn, you must have night. Without the darkness you can never appreciate the worth of the life you live.

But what if, what if you wish to cause the harm of those in this world? Follow the path of destruction within the life of shadows. Destroy the livelihoods of those within your society that are below your standing. Devastate their world because of the power you gain. You were once weak but you are now strong and you will be the cruellest creature within this era and of god’s creation.

Pick one of the five Clans to take settlement, their elements needing a master to claim the title of power. Progress through their twisted ranks before taking on the Jarls of this misfit family and claim the respect that you deserve.

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