March Updates!

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March Updates!

Post by Yekaterina on Wed Mar 02, 2016 10:52 pm

Here we have our current updates for this month. Being the opening year and beta year for this site we have quite a few to come around but some may take some time.


Current Updates:


We plan on adding a map for the whole area. This will include singular territories to also have a noted terrain. This will probably be one of the harder things to begin with, but, it will help people note which areas are where.


No only will you have something to gain but these achievements will bring you rewards that you cannot purchase within the store. With each achievement you get, the more you are likely to reach the grand prize


This will allow those searching the market to come across rare items. This month is easter, I wonder what you will find?


If you haven't noticed, there are a few lacking forums. The main one we wish to finish ASAP is the creature information. So far we have four animals for you to become; Wolf (any sub-species), Equine (any breed), Cougar (this may change to all Felines) and Cervidae (Any deer species)


The admins are working on adding now forums to the role-play. This will allow you access you brand new areas to join you friends in.


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