Honour and Reputation

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Honour and Reputation

Post by Yekaterina on Wed Feb 24, 2016 6:18 pm


Honour is a site based currency. You gain more honour for each post you make; the length depending on how much you gain. The statistics of honour per thread/post are below.

RP Post : +3
RP Thread : +10

OOC Post : +1
OOC Thread : +3

Help Post : +5
Help Thread : +10

Shop Post : +1
Shop Thread : +100

You can use it to purchase upgrades, characteristics, new characters and other cool things.
There will be NPC quests, events and prize givings that will give you more honour to spend. NPC quests will be updated as soon as another is filled up and completed. For more information on NPC quests go here: NPC QUESTS.

Events and prize givings will be held once/twice a month. This is to give people the benefit of the doubt and work towards something.


Reputation is the second, more rare currency on the site. You gain it from doing NPC quests/events, mastery of elements and conflicts. Here are the statistics below.

NPC Quests : 100-300R

Mastery : 100-500R

Events : 200-1000R

Conflicts [DEPENDS ON OPPONENT] : 50-400R

Reputation has a chart timeline. The amount of prizes you earn depends on the reputation within your bank. Once you have applied for one prize though, the amount is subtracted and you have to start again to your next goal. These prizes can range from exclusive mutations and elements to addition traits for your character. Reputation also allows you to buy things from the shop for cheaper prices.  


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