Affiliating Rules

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Affiliating Rules

Post by Yekaterina on Sat Feb 06, 2016 5:27 pm


In order to Affiliate with Orrosta, you are to meet our rules whether you are a sister or static. Please remember that when applying for a spot for these purposes, we wish to have a button displayed first before finalising any agreement. Please allow us at least a day to display your button before deciding to take ours down. Us, as admins, do have a life outside of this site.


A static site entails that you don't have to be a member of the site. To be accepted into our ranks, you must have our banner displayed on your site as well as ours. This allows both parties to gain members from each other.  

1. The site must be hosting audiences of at least a PG-13 status.
2. It must have 9+ members.
3. The site must be related to our Canis/Canine theme.
4. Your site must be active.
5. IF you are going to remove our site from your affiliates, please leave a notice.


A sister site entails that you are to be an active member of our site. To be accepted into our ranks, you have our banner displayed much like the static requirements.

1. The site must have 5+ members.
2. Have a restrictions so that those below PG-13 are not to join.
3. Your site must have at least a post a day.
4. If you are going to take down our banner, please give us a notice.


[b]Forum name[/b]:

[b]Forum address link[/b]:

[b]Forum affiliates button link[/b]:

[b]What age restriction does your site come under?[/b]:

[b]How many members do you have?[/b]:

[b]Is your forum active?[/b]:


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