The Packs and their ranks.

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The Packs and their ranks.

Post by Yekaterina on Sat Aug 22, 2015 1:26 am

Dominating Ranks

Jarl ( Alpha )
- Male Ruler of their clan, it is a hereditary position. Those willing, can fight for it.

Jarlkona ( Alphess )
- Female Ruler of their clan, it is a hereditary position. Mates of the Jarl instantaneously become Jarlkona.

Bryti ( Betas )
- These are the stewards of the clan. They advise the Jarl(Jarlkona) in situations ranging from war to hunts.

Thane ( Deltas )
- The thanes do all the Jarl's dirty work. They command the armies and hunts.

Working Ranks

Aesir (Elite Warrior)
- These are the experienced warriors which have proven themselves in battle. They are the veterans of the pack who are also able to train the young.

Thegn (Warrior)
- These are the warriors certified to fight in the battles. They are trusted but not as trusted as the Aesir. The Thegn make up the pack armies.

Huskarl (Elite Hunter)
- These are the experienced hunters (raiders) within the pack. They have proven worthy to lead others and have brought back many a kill. They occasionally help within battle situations.

Marauder (Hunter)
- These are the hunters who have been trained by the Elite. They are the pawns within a strategy; Proposed, normally, as the decoys within a hunt.

Himthiki (Elite Scout)
- These are the scouts that patrol the territory. They look for any sign of enemy packs and Leysingi. They have a higher chance of staying hidden and locating something than the Hauldr.

Hauldr (Scout)
- These are the amateur scouts. They are clumsier that the Himthiki and have a lower chance of finding tracks and unknown scents.

Sampa (Healer)
- These are the healers of the pack. They use herbal remedies to heal those around them and are free of curfew.

Trainee Ranks

Drang (Apprentice)
- These are the apprentices within the pack, they learn from those of the rank they wish to submit to.

Herra / Fru (Cubs)
- Herra (Female), Fru (Male). These are the cubs of the pack. They don't know much but learn through play.

Submissive Ranks

Thrall (Omega)
- These are the slaves of the pack. They do what everyone and anyone tells them to do. They are able to step up in their rank and prove worthy of another.

Leysingi (Loner)
- These are the wolves who are free to roam the barren lands. They have been freed from a clans dominance and are their own person.

Strength :
3 / 1003 / 100

Intelligence :
4 / 1004 / 100

Agility :
3 / 1003 / 100

Reputation : 0
Honour : 273

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